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Medieval Castle Suites is a Hotel complex that combines all modern facilities with the experience of living in a 14th Century village.

Visit the island of Chios

Our interactive map will show the places you can visit while in the island of Chios.

beaches chios

Explore the beautiful beaches

Medieval Castle Suites will organize excursions around Chios or short trips outside Chios.

Chios Hotels - Fly direct Vienna to Chios

Austrian Airlines Logo Chios Hotels are now accessible for all visitors from Vienna. The new flight once a week direct from Austria, Vienna to Chios Island once a week makes it cheap, fast and easy. With average 280€ and with flight to Chios once a week (check flights on http://myholiday.austrian.com ). When choosing any Chios Hotel for your stay, Austria Airlines makes Chios Island an easy destination for travelers.

Chios Hotels – Agas Festival in Mesta

It is a tradition for Mesta and all of the Chios Island.

Agas in Mesta

People Dancing at AgasPeople Agas

The festival takes place on 18th of March 2013, at the town square.