Chios Island Map

map of chios Chios Mesta Anavatos Nea Moni Daskalopetra Didima Emborios Olympoi Cave Pyrgi Kambos Nagos Volissos Komi Vroulidia
Chios Castle


Chios is the capital of the island and where the main port and airport are. Almost half of the population of the island live here (around 30000 people).
Chios Mesta


Mesta, where the Medieval Castle suites are, is one of the best-preserved medieval villages in the south of Chios (more info).
Chios Anavatos


Was build on the top and side of a mountain with stones matching the colors of the surrounding area in order to prevent frequent pirate raids.
Chios Nea Moni monastery

Nea Moni

Nea Moni monastery is the most important monument on the whole island, decorated with splendid mosaics.
Chios Brontados Homer's Rock

Daskalopetra or Homer's Rock

Daskalopetra is where according to the legend, Homer taught his students.
Chios Didima beach
Chios Emborios Mavra Volia beach

Emborios or Emporios

Famous for the ancient settlement dominating the top of the hill over the port but also for the fascinating volcanic black-pebbled beaches of Mavra Volia and Foki.
Olympoi cave sykia

Olympoi Cave (Sykia)

The cave of Olympi has an exceptionally rich stalactite decoration.
Chios Pyrgi

Pyrgi or Pirgi

Pyrgi is the village where the houses have engraved decorations on their facades.
Chios Kambos Argentiko


To the south oh the town spreads out Kampos, an idyllic area, unique in the Aegean, dense with orchards and the majestic Genoese mansions, built out of the local stone.
Chios Nagos


The beautiful beach of Nagos is offered for swimming and eating at the tavernas situated next to the sea.
Chios Volissos


One of the most remarkable villages of the North Western Chios.
On the right: A view of volissos with the old Venetian castle on the top of the hill
Chios Komi


Komi is a very popular beach amongst the local youth. Its shallow, warm waters and fine sandy shores are suitable for beach games and sunbathing.
Chios Vroulidia


Vroulidia is a small beach covered with small white pebbles with clear waters.