Chios Excursions

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Medieval Castle and its additional services will help you to get to know the town of Chios and the island of Chios. You will even be helped to travel to the nearby islets of Psara and Oinousses but also to neighboring Turkey.
Medieval Castle will organize excursions around Chios or short trips outside Chios but will also offer you the opportunity to hire a bike or a car.

The neighboring beaches to Mesta (Avlonia, Trahili, Apotheka, Limenas, Fana etc.) are ideal for swimming and entertainment.
Medieval Castle will offer you the chance to make your holiday by the sea more interesting through snorkeling and scuba diving.
Staying at Mesta you can easily visit the other medieval villages like Olympi,the cave of Olympi which has an exceptionally rich stalactite decoration, Pyrgi, the village where the houses have engraved decorations on their facades and the fascinating volcanic black-pebbled beaches at Emporio or the ancient settlement dominating the top of the hill over the port of Emporio.

You can visit the town of Chios as often as you wish with the help of the Medieval Castle.
The town itself is quite interesting.
There you can visit Korais Library which is also home to the Argentis Ethnological and Folklore Museum and the significant Archaeological Museum of Chios.

To the south oh the town spreads out Kampos, an idyllic area, unique in the Aegean, dense with orchards and the majestic Genoese mansions, built out of the local stone.
To the north it is worth visiting the historic site of Daskalopetra or Homer’s Rock where according to the legend, Homer taught his students.

Touring the impressive scenery of central Chios you come upon Nea Moni, the most important monument on the whole island, decorated with splendid mosaics. Further to the North lies Anavatos, a living ghost village on steep rocks, a medieval village-fort with abandoned stone houses and a citadel on the edge.
Beaches on the west coast of the island are isolated and magnificent.
Volissos and Kardamyla are the biggest villages in the north but there are also smaller villages which will fascinate you with their excellent view, their beaches, their simplicity.

An excursion to the calm islet of Psara or Oinousses,the island of shipowners, would be of great interest.
Benefit from your stay at the Medieval Castle to have a good time, to travel throughout the island or to places near the island.
We will do our best to be at service to you to make your holidays unique…!