Freshly squeezed orange juice

Greek yogurt with honey

Freshly baked cakes

Variety of cereals

cheese with olives and tomatoes

Local cold cuts


Freshly baked bread

Coffee and variety of teas





(Salads are served in barley dishes)

Ceasar  6,00 €
(Green salad with chicken fillet, cheese cubes and Caesar dressing)

Tabule 4,50 €
(Bulgur, tomato, onion and fresh parsley)

Rocket-parmesan 6,00 €
(Rocket, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, and balsamic cream)

 Πράσινη Ανάμεικτη με πορτοκάλι/Green Salad with orange
(Μαρούλι, φέτες πορτοκάλι, , καλαμπόκι, παπαρουνόσπορος, σως από χυμό
πορτοκάλι και μουστάρδα) 5,00 €
(Lettuce, Slices of orange, corn, poppy seeds, sauce with orange juice and mustard)

Green Salad with Manouri 6,00 €
(Fried Manouri cheese, black sesame seeds, lettuce, spinach, fennel,
and balsamic cream)

Green Salad with Mastelo 6,00 €
(Fried Mastelo cheese, lettuce, spinach, rocket and blue cheese sauce)

Red cabbage 5,50 €
(Feta cheese, mustard sauce, dill and croutons)

Greek Salad 5,00 €
(Tomato, cucumber, pepper, capers, Feta cheese, onion, kritamo and olives)

Season salad mixed 5,00 €


(All dips served in barley dishes )

Beetroot salad 4,00 €
(Roasted beets with yogurt sauce and garlic)

Kopanismeni 4,50 €
(Kopanisti/ spicy cream cheese, Florina peppers, pickled cucumber and capers )

Mashed eggplant salad  3,50 €
(Mashed eggplant, Florina peppers, parsley and mayonnaise)

Tirokauteri 3,50 €
(Spicy cheese salad)



Cretan Rusk 3,00 €
(Cretan rusk with cottage cheese, tomato and rocket)

Pastourmali 4,50 €
(Traditional spicy pie with beaf meat)

Tiropitari 4,50 €
(Traditional cheese pie with mint)

Stuffed Eggplant 4,00 €
(Stuffed eggplant with three cheeses and hot pepper)

Stuffed Pepper 4,50 €
(Stuffed peper with cheeses and delicatessen)

Manti 4,50 €
(Patties with meet, accompanied with yogurt and smoked paprika)

Armenian Soutzouki 5,50 €

(Armenian soutzouki with tomato, pepper, cheese and Cayenne pepper)

Potato with the peel  5,00 €

(Potato with the peel, sauce, bacon, cream and cheese )

Cheese balls 4,50 €
(Cheese balls with two different types of cheese)





Houn kiar Begierdi 8,50 €
(Beef stew, mashed eggplant with sauce and cheese)

Beef Slices 9,50 €
(Beef slices filled with ham, cheese and mushroom sauce)

Burger 8,50 €
(Burger stuffed with peppers, mushrooms and tomato)

Pork steak 8,50 €
(Pork steak with honey, thyme and balsamic, accompanied by
Basmati rice, vegetables and saffron)

Schnitzel pork 8,00 €
(Schnitzel pork rolled with feta cheese, pepper sauce and mustard)

Pork with vegetables and chesses 8,00 €
(Served in a clay pot)


Chicken Roll 8,00 €
(Chicken roll with cheese, bacon and colored peppers)

Chicken bites 8,50 €

(Chicken pieces with bamboo, mini corn, colored peppers, curry
and cream in potato nests)

Goat with potatoes 10,00 €
(Goat with potatoes, fennel, wrapped in pouches)


Cheese 19,00 €
(Mastelo spicy Chiou, San Michael of Syros, Gruyere hole
Crete, Metsovone, Blue cheese)

Delicatessen 19,00 €
(Smoked pork, smoked turkey, prosciutto, smoked steak
Crete, smoked syglino Mani)

Cheese - Delicatessen 19,00 €


Lemon Pie 4,00 €
Chocolate Souffle 4,00 €
Pudding with mascarpone, rum and cocoa 4,50 €

Ask your waiter for the dessert of the day



Our Salads are with pure Olive Oil from Mesta