Chios Mastic (Masticha)

Mastic tree (skinos)Masticha

Mastiha is produced from a low tree called “skinos” and has been known since antiquity. As the production of mastiha is difficult hard work and patience are required. Mastiha flows like a tear drop from the trunk of “skinos” after it having been slit by the villagers through the use of a sharp tool.All the work concerning the production of mastiha is performed during the summer. Solely in Chios solely in the southern part of the island ,mastiha can be extracted ,as only in Chios this “tear” becomes solid (coagulates) and gives fragrant mastiha, a natural product having beneficial qualities!

Because of its therapeutic qualities,Mastiha is used in cooking,confectionaries,beverages, beauty treatment, pharmacology, (peptic ulcer, cholesterol, etc.). You will find mastiha and all mastiha products in special shops or pharmacies in Chios.